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Embracing an All-Electric Home

Imagine a lifestyle that not only cuts down on your energy bills but also contributes to a cleaner environment – this is the promise of an all-electric home.

At Alkimos Vista, every home comes with a $2,500 All-Electric Home Incentive^, designed to make your transition to a more sustainable lifestyle smoother than ever.

The package includes a $2,200 rebate to put towards your minimum 3.5kW solar PV system and an efficient electric solar electric or heat pump hot water system. In addition, you will receive $300 toward an electric induction cooktop, a smart, healthy and energy-efficient choice for your kitchen.  


What is an all-electric home 

An all-electric home is exclusively powered on electricity, which is increasingly derived from renewable energy sources like solar and wind.


For many homeowners, it’s more than a shift in power sources; it's a lifestyle choice. Your home becomes a hub of sustainability, where your daily activities are fuelled by electricity sourced from renewables.


The kitchen, often the heart of the home, becomes even more environmentally conscious with an all-electric approach. Induction stove tops, which are quick and easy to use, can revolutionise the way you cook. 


Your household water heating, whether via solar or a heat pump, functions during the day using energy from your solar PV system. Similarly, installing a high-quality reverse cycle air-conditioner and running it during your solar panels' peak hours can significantly cut your home's climate control costs. 

These changes not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also demonstrates how smart energy management can translate into cost savings.


Savings for the long haul 

One of the perks of embracing an all-electric lifestyle is the potential for long-term financial benefit 


According to The Property Tribune, a recent KPMG study on Green Star Homes in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra illustrates savings of up to $115,000 in interest costs can be achieved, with quicker loan repayments compared to an average home1. While initial loan costs may increase slightly, energy savings of $90 to $140 per month outweigh this, leading to a reduction in first-year energy consumption by 60% to 56%1.

Choosing an all-electric home may also mean you may be eligible for a 'green home loan’ with discounted interest rates offered by some lenders in acknowledgement of your commitment to sustainable living.2  


A conscious commitment 

With Lendlease’s global commitment to Mission Zero, and our development partner DevelopmentWA’s commitment to net zero, the future of Alkimos Beach and the environment means we’re always looking to find the right balance between sustainability, affordability, and wellbeing for generations to come. 


By embracing the energy efficient technology of an all-electric home at Alkimos Beach, combined with thoughtful design, you can cut down on living expenses while cultivating a healthier and safer environment for you and your family.


It's a tangible step towards a greener future, right from the comfort of your dream home at Alkimos Vista. 



^ Please refer to the Contract of Sale for all terms and conditions of the All-Electric Home Incentive, specific to lot purchased.