Alkimos Vista Construction Update – October 2017

Here, we will keep you up to date with the progress of this exciting new community in the North Coast.

Marmion Avenue – Traffic

Site establishment and clearing works have commenced at Alkimos Vista, with the first stage of earthworks expected commence mid-October 2017.

These first stages of construction are anticipated to have minimal impacts on the traffic movement along Marmion Avenue. Early earthworks will be managed by Georgiou, who will be entering and exiting the site from their compound on the eastern side of Marmion Avenue.

Future works will include constructing a new roundabout to create the entry road to Alkimos Vista. The construction of this roundabout is anticipated to commence in early 2018. Further updates on construction including impacts on traffic will be updated on this page.

Flora and Fauna

The first stage of earthworks will occur over a 20 hectare area and include the removal of some native vegetation within the site area. The removal of this vegetation will be undertaken in accordance with the Development Approval from the City of Wanneroo and in line with the Management Plans approved by the Department of Environment and Energy under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

In addition to the EPBC Act requirements, over 100 Grass Trees and Macrozamias have been removed prior to the earthworks commencing and will be replanted within areas of both Alkimos Vista and Alkimos Beach in the future.

A fauna trapping and relocation program was also undertaken over a 5 day period by a specialist fauna handler. This fauna handler will remain on-site during the clearing of vegetation to ensure any remaining fauna are migrated towards suitable habitats in the surrounding Regional Open Space.

To mitigate impact on the Black Cockatoo breeding habitat, specialist inspections of potential habitat trees were also undertaken prior to clearing to ensure nesting hollows were not occupied.