Living Here

Community Vision

Kids and Recorder

Destination happiness

Alkimos Vista is planned to become a community that embraces an energetic and vibrant lifestyle. It’s where kids can run, explore and create. It’s where loving the outdoors is a way of life. It’s a place for families to grow. It’s a place that is inspired by a creative spirit, designed to surprise and delight.

The entry park and playground at Alkimos Vista will deliver happiness for all ages. We’ve looked to the wider areas of Perth to draw inspiration from urban design elements that we know you’ll love. There will be active and passive play areas for both the bigger kids and the smaller kids. A Sprout Hub café and community space will bring our new community together, and of course, happiness in the form of coffee and sweet treats.

For now and for tomorrow

As a part of the envious 6038 Alkimos postcode, rest assured you’ll be buying into the right neighbourhood, at the right time.

Some Alkimos Vista homes will be just a 800 metre walk from the future Alkimos Metronet train station, to be located in the upcoming Alkimos City Centre development. Transport isn’t the only thing planned. This new development will provide a future bustling hub of employment, shopping, entertainment, restaurants, tertiary education, medical… the list goes on!

Future years will also see further transport and growth for Alkimos Vista. The extension of the Mitchell Freeway will eventually connect directly to Alkimos Vista. This is alongside proposed district playing fields for Alkimos, which will be delivered by the City of Wanneroo.

Alkimos 6038 is already a popular suburb in the North Coast - and the future is even more promising.