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Sustainability and Environment

Alkimos Beach awarded six leaves of the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s EnviroDevelopment tool

Alkimos Beach seeks to achieve the most energy efficient outcome possible. To ensure that the development is set up to move towards carbon neutrality, multiple energy management factors were considered and planned for in the opening stages of Alkimos Beach. Alkimos Beach demonstrates that innovative integration of energy efficient solutions can be implemented in a practical and cost efficient manner.

Water ED.pngThe urban water cycle will be managed as a single interconnected system at Alkimos Beach. The strategy will encompass and recognise the connection of the site’s potable water supply, groundwater, stormwater, wastewater, wetlands and coastal waters. The goal is to create an Integrated Water Cycle for the site and this will require integrated infrastructure design and stakeholder support.

Materials and Waste ED.pngMaterials and waste management at Alkimos Beach has been considered to increase integration across the two fields to produce cradle-to-cradle outcomes – where ‘waste’ streams become direct or indirect inputs to products used in property development, rather than being lost to landfill. At Alkimos Beach, all phases of development and community operation will be considered. Strategic waste and materials initiatives will be delivered with the aid of a locally based preferred materials list, a construction waste management plan and community operation waste management plan.

image44mn.pngAlkimos Beach will be a diverse and inclusive community that actively supports people from different age groups cultures, faiths and abilities. Creativity and innovation will set Alkimos Beach apart through a committed focus on education and localised research. Importantly, Alkimos Beach will be a well–connected community, providing residents with the structures and support to engage in decision making about their community and encouraging them to participate in a range of activities that foster a healthy and safe community, achieved through design practices that facilitate active living, promote safety and a sense of comfort and security.

imagebfbg.pngThe values of the natural environment have underpinned the design, delivery and operation of the master planned community at Alkimos Beach. The protection and enhancement of the natural environment at Alkimos has included environmentally sensitive construction, flora and fauna management, eco-landscaping, environmental stewardship and water sensitive urban design. The aim is to ensure the natural environment is maintained by the local community at Alkimos Beach.

The urban form of Alkimos Beach will primarily be governed by the existing unique topographical features of the site, such as the primary and secondary dune systems. The development form and character will reflect a contemporary coastal community that leaves a softer urban footprint on the site.