Quick Facts




Located in the highly sought after north-west coastal corridor of Perth.

  • 16km north of Joondalup.
  • 40km north of Perth CBD.


20 years: 2012-2032 (approx).


A$3 billion (approx).

Size / Population

  • 710 hectares.
  • 15,000 people upon completion.
  • 6,000 residential dwellings upon completion.

Open Space & Recreation

More than 30 percent of the first 224 hectare stage will be reserved for open space, including environmental corridors, bushland reserves, parks, landscaped areas, and playing fields.


Employment is a key focus at Alkimos Beach, with an emphasis on the creation of on-site jobs, and assisting with the Alkimos/Eglinton region’s target for 60 percent employment self sufficiency.


The drivers of job creation are broadly categorised as:

  • Retail (including bulky goods) and other core centre uses that will be provided by the private sector in response to population growth.
  • Community and commercial development that will provide a range of facilities and services.
  • Home-based businesses will be located throughout Alkimos Beach and focused on the Alkimos Beach City Centre.
  • The enterprise and employment area in the Alkimos Beach City Centre will be a core supporter of business and industrial employment.


There are multiple transport options to and around Alkimos Beach.



From Perth, take the Mitchell Freeway north towards then follow Joondalup then continue to travel north along Marmion Avenue, following the signs for Alkimos Beach.



A new train station is planned for Alkimos Beach in the future. Currently the nearest train station is Butler, around 3kms away.



Alkimos Beach is located around 7kms from Clarkson Station and is serviced by the Transperth 480 or 490 from Clarkson, Joondalup or the Perth CBD.


OptiComm is the single largest independent provider of fibre to the premise (FTTP) technology in Australia and is the fibre-optic internet supplier at Alkimos Beach. This means every home will have access to super-fast, reliable broadband, as well as some great entertainment.

  • Opticomm is the fastest residential internet available in Australia, up to 1Gps
  • Access Free to Air TV and FOXTEL over fibre, saving you money as you don’t need a TV Antenna or Satellite Dish
  • Use multiple connections at once, without ever slowing down
  • The network will help you manage usage of your utilities to help our environment
  • Free Wifi in major parks at Alkimos Beach means you can work and play on the internet outside your home

For more information, view the documents below or contact our sales team on 1800 255 466.