Design Guidelines


The Alkimos Beach Design Guidelines will help you design and build a home that will make an important contribution to the character and visual appearance of the exciting new community being created at Alkimos Beach. Following these guidelines will also ensure your home, together with those of your neighbours, create a diverse and interesting community for residents and visitors to enjoy for many years to come.

We encourage sustainable and innovative housing designs that complement the local environment and enhance the lifestyle of everyone in Alkimos Beach.


Fencing Information

The Alkimos Beach fencing guidelines have been prepared to advise purchasers on the design and responsibilities for common side and rear boundary fencing.


Smart Building

The Easy Stuff

Easy and low cost ideas to build a more efficient home:

  • Position your family room or main living areas on the northern side of your home to improve natural light and thermal comfort of your home.
  • Size eaves appropriately to shade windows from summer sun. The size of your eaves can allow for winter sunlight but restrict summer sunlight.
  • Position smaller windows to the west and south to capture calming breezes.
  • Install fans in bedrooms.
  • Install a solar panel system and gas boosted solar hot water unity and make use of your rebate.
  • Install a more sustainable hot water unit like a gas or electric boosted solar hot water unit.
  • Incorporate all the energy smart ideas including:
    • Install a minimum 2.5 star air conditioning unit or equivalent (rebate available).
    • Installing energy efficient appliances including your refrigerator, television and washing machine.
    • Include LED light globes in all main kitchen, living and dining areas.
    • Target water efficient fixtures for toilets (WELS 4 Stars), taps (WELS 5 Star) and shower roses (WLES 3 Star).
    • Incorporate a zone to close off your main living area, saving on heating and cooling costs.

The Smart Ideas

Smart design features to improve the performance of your home:

  • Improve the insulation of your home to R4.0.
  • Improve the performance of windows and glass doors to 3 WERS (Window Efficiency Rating).
  • Position tiled or polished concrete floors in north facing rooms.
  • Breathe easier with low allergen carpet.
  • Select low chemical paint for healthy air quality.
  • Upgrade your water fixtures for toilets, taps and shower roses to the next level.

The Green Stars

Take your home design to the next level.

  • Talk to your builder about smart wiring – For minimal cost, you can set up the electrical circuits in your home today to allow you to take advantage of lower energy tariff rates in the future.
  • Select environmentally responsible materials in the construction of your home to include eco-concrete, sustainability manufactured timber and/or clay bricks. Even try something completely different – structural insulated panels that will halve your construction time as well as your construction waste.
  • Incorporate universal design features to make your home accessible to visitors and residents of all ages and abilities.