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Proposed Leatherback Youth Space

At the heart of our commitment to creating a thriving and inclusive community lies the intention to ensure that every resident, irrespective of age, has access to spaces that promote physical activity and social interaction. 

In line with this vision, we are thrilled to introduce the concept of the Leatherback Youth Space – an outdoor space tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of our young residents.

The proposed ‘Leatherback Youth Space’ will focus on delivering much needed and requested outdoor space for local youth, including skate, basketball / netball court and climbing. We believe that by providing these facilities, we can cater to the needs and aspirations of the youth in our community.

Young people are more likely to be active when their family and friends are active which is why the Youth Space is situated at Leatherback Oval, surrounding the existing Leatherback Pavilion where many people already visit to exercise and play.  

The concept was created thanks to the feedback we received from local young people at Alkimos Beach Primary School and St James Anglican School last year. The Concept has also been informed following feedback from nearby households. 

The Concept for the Youth Space contains the following proposed elements:

  • 3v3 Half Basketball Court
  • Netball Goal Circle
  • Street Skate Zone – with concrete slopes, rails and ramps
  • Climbing bars and bounce pads


Additional design features that support increased safety, surveillance and noise reduction include:

  • Noise undulating (reducing) backboards 
  • Smart Pole with Wifi and CCTV for added security 
  • Line of sight design to increase passive surveillance 


As a valued resident of the Alkimos community, we'd love to hear your feedback on the proposed Leatherback Youth Space concept plan, and accordingly invite you to complete the below survey by Sunday, 5 November 2023.