How to design your remote workday

6 tips for living your best remote working life

Working from home a few days a week can do wonders for your work efficiency and general wellbeing, and often the key to successful remote working is as simple as setting up a great routine. 

At Alkimos Beach, all the ingredients for successful work life balance are already here, with convenient local amenities on your doorstep, the best facilities to support your down time and fast technology to keep you connected throughout your day.

Design your own routine or take inspiration from ours!

8am – Start the day right

Start your day with movement. Walk the kids to school, challenge yourself on the Alkimos Ascent fitness staircase or take a swim at the beach. Getting out and about can help you set the day up for success, and it gets you out of your pjs too!

9am – Use a task list

After exercise, treat yourself! Head to a café at The Gateway Shopping Precinct and enjoy your morning brew or a light bite while you make a task list for the day, to help prioritise your workflow.

Back at the home office, Australia’s fastest residential internet will get your workday humming. OptiComm is the single largest independent provider of fibre to the premise (FTTP) technology in Australia and is the fibre-optic internet supplier at Alkimos Beach.

11am – Schedule time to check in with colleagues

Check ins with your team will help you stay up to date and on track throughout the day. Pop in your earbuds and take a walking meeting or set up your laptop in one of our Wi-Fi enabled parks. With every home located less than 400m from a park, you can get outside and combine work and wellbeing during your day.

1pm – Enjoy lunch outside

Regular breaks are important for a productive day, and lunch doesn’t have to be at your desk when working at home – pack a picnic and meet a friend for lunch at the nearest park.

3pm – Get moving

There’s plenty of options to get you moving during the afternoon. Take a short break to meet the kids at the school gate and walk them home from school, or hit one of the many trails and discover native flora, fauna and spectacular ocean views.

5pm – Stop working when your day is over

Establishing working hours are just as important at home as in the office. And, when there’s no need to commute, you’ll have more time to spend with your family.

Head to Leatherback Oval for training with your team or bring the dogs for some fun with the other neighbourhood pooches. Alternatively, you could take a family walk down to the beach to watch the sun setting into the Indian Ocean while you build sandcastles on the shoreline.

7pm – Refuel and recharge

Evenings are for recharging! Relax at home or head to one of the many dining options at The Gateway Shopping Precinct.

If you’re inspired to create a new dish for tonight’s dinner, don’t worry if you don’t have all the right ingredients – the IGA is just down the road and open late for everything you need.

Build your new home at Alkimos Beach and discover how our thoughtfully designed community can help you live well and work well, every day.