Living Here

Sustainability and Environment



The natural environment plays a leading role in life at Laurimar.


Laurimar is a community leading the way in sustainable family living.

Lendlease innovations in water and energy saving, waste reduction and recycling are helping shape a community of the future.


Water in Laurimar

The 15 hectares of wetlands throughout our community do more than add tranquillity to the neighbourhood, our wetlands attract and protect native wildlife, and purify stormwater before it enters the Plenty River.

 To help maintain the health of Laurimar’s waterways and wetlands, we provide residents with information on how to be water wise, and how to safely recycle or dispose of:

  • Litter
  • Organic matter
  • Water runoff and wastewater
  • Pesticides and fertilisers
  • Detergents and oil


AusZEH: Australia’s first Zero Emission Demonstration Home

At Laurimar, we are proud to have Australia’s first zero emission demonstration home.

The AusZEH Demonstration House is a new 4-bedroom, detached 8-star energy rated home that aims to deliver a residential home with a net zero footprint.

The demonstration house forms part of the AusZEH project to demonstrate technologies and innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the housing sector.

The home combines energy efficient design and building practices and on-site renewable energy supply and aims to achieve a net or remaining total greenhouse gas emissions of zero.

The monitored demonstration home will provide the industry with live household energy usage reports. AusZEH’s performance will then be evaluated against other homes within the surrounding suburbs to gauge the success of the project and help identify opportunities for improvement.