Community Grant Program Winner: Iramoo Community Centre

We would like to congratulate Iramoo Community Centre on winning the Harpley 2019 Community Grants program.

Iramoo Community Centre works closely with Wyndham Vale communities to provide safe, accessible and functional spaces where community members can gather, socialise, collaborate and share knowledge. They aim to help build strong, vibrant and resilient communities by providing access to high quality programs, activities and events.

They will provide the community with a series of educational garden sessions to grow and expand their community garden. This would be through workshops and community events that the local community would be invited to participate in. This grant will also allow them to provide a facilitator for 2 hours per fortnight for a 12 month period.

The facilitator will teach the community about:

  • planting and growing tips,
  • when is the right time to plant the different plants and what to plant,
  • companion planting what grows best with other plants and assists with their growth.

These workshops would run through school holidays so that children and parent/guardians can attend and benefit from the sessions.

Contact Iramoo Community Centre today:
8742 3688