Birdlife at Harpley

Gary Gale photographing birds at the Harpley wetlands

Gary Gale our local ‘bird man’ out at Harpley filmed a short video on the bird life at Harpley and the wetlands. For those that don’t know of Gary he walks the Discovery Trail every morning with Rollie his dog, his camera and binoculars. He photographs and documents the bird life that are new to Harpley and/or those that initially disappeared once construction started and are now making their way back to the wetlands. Gary has documented over 85 species of birds that have returned to the wetlands which is testament to the natural environment in which they now live. Stay tuned for more bird watching news!


Beautiful Birdlife at Harpley

Watch this short video on the birdlife at Harpley and Gary Gale, our local 'bird man'.