Report Neighbourhood Issues With New App

Report Neighbourhood Issues With New App

The Harpley community now has a direct line to send messages about your concerns in the neighbourhood straight from your phone to the relevant authorities. Time to download the new app Snap Send Solve. 

Once you have downloaded the app on your phone, if you see an issue in your neighbourhood (such as a broken pipe or street lights that need replacement), you can take a picture, fill out a 30 second report and the app will send your report directly to the appropriate authorities. 

Instead of trying to guess which authority you are supposed to contact about your noise complaint or carparking issue, the geolocation in the Snap Send Solve app will identify where you are and whom to send your complaint to. 

The Snap Send Solve app is free and available for download on both Apple iOS and Android devices. 

Find out more about Snap Send Solve here: https://www.snapsendsolve.com/