Helping You to Locate Lot Pegs on your Titled Lot


What are Lot Pegs, and what are they used for?
Lot Pegs otherwise known as Survey Pegs are used to mark out residential boundaries and indicate points and positions of your lot.

What should I be looking for?
At each corner of your lot you will notice two things. The first being the Indicator Peg, which is usually the most visible as it comes out from the ground and is used to show where the Lot Peg is. The Lot Peg is square faced and flush to the ground, which often make them difficult to locate. If at first you don’t see them we recommend that you search around the area, it may be that it’s just covered by some dirt.

Tall indicator peg and the lot peg flush with the ground

You will notice that the two Lot Pegs at the front of your lot will be marked with your lot number, this is used to identify each lot. Please note the two Lot Pegs at the rear of your lot will not have this marking. We recommend upon the first visit to your land, you make sure all Lot Pegs are in place and if not, advise Lendlease immediately. We also recommend erection of temporary fence as soon as possible to ensure there is no damage to your lot after settlement.

I’m about to begin construction but one (or more) of my Lot Pegs are missing, what should I do?
Once settlement is finalised the land and the Lot Pegs become the land owner’s responsibility. If you believe a Lot Peg is missing, your Builder should engage a Licensed Surveyor to reinstate the Lot Peg. Please note this cost will be the responsibly of the land owner and not the developer.

As the developer, what responsibility does Lendlease have in relation to the Lot Pegs?
As the developer, there are several responsibilities that we must uphold to see it formally accepted by the local Council as a completed Stage. To be able to title a new lot and have an accurate Plan of Subdivision created we must ensure all pegs are put in place by a licensed surveyor using GPS technology.

If you have any questions about Lot Pegs please contact the Harpley Sales and Information Centre on 1300 739 839

Finding Your Lot Peg

John from the Lendlease development team shows how you can find your Lot Peg on your lot