How to Build on Irregular Lots


How to Build on Irregular Lots


There is no need to feel intimidated by blocks that might seem an unusual size or unusually large. Not every block of land is rectangular and this can actually be a great opportunity to consider adding elements to your dream home that you might not have thought about.

Generally irregular blocks offer residents more outdoor space to play with. There are some really simple and inexpensive solutions to how to use this additional land. An additional patch might be perfect for a trampoline, cubby house, swing set, basketball hoop or kids’ mud kitchen.

If you are thinking of your irregular block in investment terms, expanding your budget to allow for some outdoor add-ons might even add resale value to your home in the future. For instance, you could expand your alfresco area, add in an outdoor barbeque kitchen for entertaining or even invest in a plunge pool to give your dream home that extra “wow” factor.

If you are a nature lover, use your larger garden to grow your own veggie patch. Or you might consider setting up a bird bath to attract the native wildlife. Other ways to enjoy your unique back yard are to install an unusual water feature as a signature piece or buy a fire pit for cosy winter evenings.

If you are clever about how you position your new home on your irregular lot, you might be able to create enough room for an additional living space such as a hobby hut or a kids’ retreat for your teenagers. Alternatively, take the opportunity to create some outdoor storage solutions with a garden shed or an additional car port for your bikes, boat or motorcycle.

Don’t forget that any planned additional structures must be approved by Council before you start building. And when designing your garden or thinking about how to landscape around the outdoor spa, remember that any plantings and design elements need to fit within the Harpley Landscaping Guidelines and Harpley Design Guidelines.