Why Buy A Terraced Home?

Terraced Home

What sort of investment property should you buy? Since you will want maximum financial output for minimal labour, investing in a terraced home in Harpley makes sense. Here’s why. 

Harpley is a masterplanned community which means that all the amenities needed to live a full and happy life are in one place – schools, shops and services, transport and parklands. This makes Harpley an ideal spot to buy an investment property as you don’t have to market the neighbourhood to your future tenants – Lendlease has already done all the hard work for you. 

When you buy a townhouse in Harpley, you ensure you don’t limit yourself to just one type of tenant. Terraced housing options can appeal to all types – singles, busy working couples, retirees or even a small family. 

Townhouses are also low maintenance which makes them the perfect investment property for a landlord. By building vertically up and taking up less space on the ground, you can increase the amount of living area you provide for your tenant while reducing the amount of actual land there is to upkeep. Large sprawling properties come with grounds and gardens that require work. And if you, as the landlord, don’t keep on top of that (or have good tenants who will do that for you) your property can look untidy, therefore reducing its potential value. 

Townhouses in Harpley also come with the additional benefit of a freehold title. If you opt for similar low maintenance investment property options elsewhere (such as an apartment, for example), you will still have to deal with body corporates or shared communal spaces on your property. But in Harpley, all the parklands and open spaces are maintained by someone else so while they will still be attractive to your tenants (and could increase your rental prices), they are not actually your responsibility. 

For a fuss free and easy investment property option, it is definitely worthwhile visiting the Harpley Sales & Information Centre to explore the terrace housing options available.