Downsizing to a Terraced Home 

Terraced Home

If you’re looking to downsize, a townhouse in Harpley is an ideal option. As part of a Lendlease masterplanned community, you’ll still have all the benefits of community living with lots of gardens but in a low cost and low maintenance property. 

The very first benefit of downsizing is to reduce the amount of responsibility you have. Lower mortgage repayments. Fewer rooms to vacuum and clean. Smaller gardens to weed and mow. A terraced home in Harpley offers all these options. You can still own a multi bedroom house but at a lower cost and with a smaller footprint (both inside and out) to maintain. 

Townhouses are also cheaper to heat in winter and cool in summer which means you will not only downsize your mortgage, you can also downsize your overall cost of living. 

If you’re downsizing after the hectic and busy life stage that is raising kids, then finding a home that will offer you more peace and quiet may seem appealing. Unlike more traditional family homes, a townhouse may finally give you some privacy as the bedrooms are removed from the common spaces. This means you can still have family and friends come to visit while maintaining a separate sanctuary just for you. 

With less daily maintenance, lower overheads and a smaller mortgage, a terrace home in Harpley really does allow you to live a stress-free lifestyle with more time and energy to spend on the things you enjoy. 

For a fuss free and easy down-sizing property option, it is definitely worthwhile visiting the Harpley Sales & Information Centre to explore the terrace housing options available.