Why Buy A South Facing House


North Facing yard


South facing homes can be undiscovered gems. Why? Because the back half of the house, where you spend the majority of your time, will be north facing and reap all those benefits. Read on for more reasons why you should consider a south facing house.

South Facing Homes Are Cooler in Summer

This is particularly important if the bulk of your bedrooms are going to be at the front of your home. Not being disturbed by the early morning sun is essential when you have a young family. Plus you will save on air conditioning costs during those long, hot, daylight savings, summer evenings as those front bedrooms will stay nice and cool.

Your Communal Spaces Will Face North

If you opt for a home where the bedrooms are at the front and communal areas of your home – such as kitchen and living areas – are towards the back of the house, then you will get all the benefits of high sun in summer and direct sunlight in winter in those areas. This means you can maximise the aspect over your backyard by enlarging your windows, adding high windows or even adding skylights to attract the natural light indoors to those important public spaces.

Additional natural light in the house means it can warm naturally. The upshot of this is that you will save on heating bills during the colder winter months.

A south facing home can also utilise all the full advantages of an outdoor deck in the backyard to expand your living room in summer. In the winter this will still get enough sunlight to be a comfortable spot to sip a coffee or have afternoon tea – rather than being hidden in the shade.