External Building Materials


External Building Materials


What kinds of finishes should you be using on your brand new Harpley home? How can you make your forever family home look its best as well as complement the look of the rest of the Harpley community?

Part of the strategy when you are selecting which external finishes or building materials to use on the outside of your home is to draw attention to the main entrance and away from the garage door.

An easy way to do this is to use at least 2 different types of materials or finishes on the front of the house. (If you have bought in Larapinta, you will need to use 3 different types of materials or finishes on your house).

By differentiating the garage in an alternative building material to the rest of the house, you will make the front door the focal point of the home.

Another or alternative architectural trick that has the same effect is to build a substantial covered verandah over the front door. Again, this will subtly make the pedestrian entrance stand out and provide a visual pathway into your home that isn’t the driveway.

When choosing colours and eternal finishing materials, subtle tends to be better. For instance, highly reflective windows can be distracting and are not allowed under Harpley Design Guidelines on any street frontages or open public space frontages. Similarly, opt for neutral colours in your paintwork. Unfinished materials including block work, highly reflective or unpainted materials are also not allowed under the Harpley Design Guidelines.

Finally, add the finishing touch to your Harpley new home by ensuring that all your other external façade elements (such as retaining walls, letter boxes and fences) are built in materials that complement those you have chosen to use on the house proper.

Don’t forget you must complete all the external surface finishes (they must be painted or coated) before you move into your Harpley home.

For more information on external finishes for your home please refer to the Harpley Design Guidelines.