Harpley Construction Update – February 2018

Our construction project teams have been back on site for over a month since the Christmas break and we are making good progress with construction underway in a number of precincts and on major infrastructure projects.  Armstrong Road stage 1 is looking great and construction continues to extend this road through the Harpley project.  Our first precinct in Larapinta, Stage 31, is due to title by April and we look forward to welcoming our first home builders on site in the coming months.  The wetlands through Shearwater are progressing well and landscaping will commence soon. Read more for a construction update on all stages and projects currently underway:


Laparinta Stage 31

Status: Final civil works taking place including concreting and topsoiling of lots. Authority compliance testing has commenced.

Current Forecast Title Date: March-April 2018.

Larapinta Stage 32

Status: Water main works underway, road box out to follow.

Current Forecast Title Date: June-July 2018.

Shearwater Place Stages 51, 52, 53 & 54

Stages 51 & 54 Status: Sewer works complete. Stage drainage works underway with water main works to follow.

Current Forecast Title Date: June – July 2018.

Stages 52 & 53 Status: Sewer works to commence shortly.

Current Forecast Title Date: August – November 2018.

Townley Park Stages 61, 62 & 63

Stage 61 Status: Sewer works have commenced. Drainage works to follow.

Current Forecast Title Date: October – December 2018.

Stages 62 & 63 Status: Bulk Earthworks have commenced, with sewer works to follow on thereafter.

Current Forecast Titles: December 2018 - February 2019 titles.

Wetlands Update

Shearwater Wetlands nearly ready for landscaping, Shearwater Place Wetlands well under way. Repairs and re-plantings to take place in Stage 4B wetlands, Carinya. Read more here.

Armstrong Road Update

Works almost complete on the first section to Charlwood Promenade, Authority approvals underway. Road to be opened upon Council completing intersection with Black Forest Road.