How To Build Retaining Walls

How To Build Retaining Walls

Retaining walls that face the street are part of the façade and presentation of your home. They serve the dual purpose of keeping everyone safe as well as acting as a visual extension of the front of your house. Here’s some handy building tips for how to put your best foot forward when it comes to retaining walls.

Retaining walls built in Harpley must ensure the safety of cars and pedestrians both on the street as well as when accessing the block. Because of this there are a number of specific requirements you should know before you build your retaining wall.

Retaining walls can be built out of boulders, timber or patterned concrete sleepers. Rendered or faced block walls are also accepted forms of retaining wall in Harpley.

Retaining walls that will be visible from a street or open public space cannot be more than 1.8 metres in total height. Where the retaining wall exceeds 1 metre in height on a front boundary, it must be stepped. Single steps also cannot exceed 1 metre in height.

Where a retaining wall facing or visible to a streetscape or public open space is terraced, you must include a planted strip of at least 500 millimetres in width between the terraced walls.

Where you are using retaining walls to delineate or mark the side boundaries of your home, the maximum height of these walls is 1.6 metres at the front wall. Side boundary retaining walls must taper (slope) forward towards the front of the house. Fences should also be built between the house and side retaining walls above 600 millimetres for safety purposes.

All retaining walls that are higher than 900 millimetres must also come with a 1 metre high fence that goes above the wall as well as adequate landscape screening.

There are some properties in the Harpley community that will have retaining walls and fencing supplied by Lendlease in order to allow for easy compliance with the retaining wall guidelines. It is important to note that these walls and fences cannot be modified without approval from Lendlease.