Harpley Construction Update – December 2017

With Christmas less than a week away, the Harpley team is delighted to announce the titling of all remaining stages in Shearwater. Stages 25 and 26 titled last month, and Stages 28 and 29 just in the past week. All purchasers should have been contacted by now and will be well prepared for settlement before Christmas.

Sewer and bulk earthworks works have commenced on Shearwater Place Stage 51 with a current forecast title date in July/August 2018. Early works for Stages 52, 53, 54 and 61 are anticipated to commence early 2018.

Laparinta Stage 31

Status: Slight delay due to Electrical Authority Approval. Electrical works have now commenced, whilst concreting has also progressed.

Current Forecast Title Date: March-April 2018

Larapinta Stage 32

Status: Sewer & bulk earth works complete, road box out to follow.

Current Forecast Title Date: June-July 2018

Wetlands Update

Landscaping treatment to Stage 16 wetlands complete.

Bulk earthworks surrounding Shearwater complete. Bulk Excavation to the East of Townley Park underway.

Armstrong Road Update

Main road and asphalt works complete to Charlwood Promenade intersection.

Carinya Village Park & Urban Square

The new Carinya Village Park opened for public use in mid-December. It looks amazing and has already been incredibly popular with our residents. A celebratory event will be held in the Park on Saturday 27th January 2018, stay tuned for more updates. Carinya Village Park is located at the corner of Morialta Way & Jindalee Way.

Urban Square is a smaller park located within Shearwater Stage 24. The works will be complete by Friday 22nd December and the fences will be removed on the same day.

Watch our video of children enjoying the play equipment at Carinya Village Park recently.