Meet the Wyndhamvale CFA Fire Brigade

Wyndhamvale CFA Fire Brigade

Did you know that there are 40 volunteer firefighters in the Wyndham area who answer on average 300 calls for emergency assistance every year? Meet the amazing men and women of the Wyndhamvale CFA Fire Brigade who dedicate their time, efforts and lives to keeping the Harpley community safe.

Located on Ballan Road, the Wyndhamvale CFA Fire Brigade specialise in fire and emergency response work. This means that if you have a building fire, grass fire, car fire or even car accident, the Wyndhamvale CFA Fire Brigade will be on hand to lend assistance and bring the situation under control.

As well as being on call for emergencies, the Wyndhamvale CFA Fire Brigade also provides essential educational services to the Harpley community to teach us about how to avoid potentially lethal situations.

For instance, it is important to ensure you always have working smoke alarms properly installed throughout your home. The Wyndhamvale CFA Fire Brigade suggests that every family needs to have a fire escape plan – and practice it – so that everyone knows what to do if a fire situation arises. It is also worthwhile investing in a fire extinguisher or blanket that is kept within easy reach for when you need it.

The Harpley community should also remain vigilant and alert during the upcoming hot summer months for grass fires in the area. Wyndhamvale is surrounded by grasslands so it is important to be on the lookout and to know in advance what you might do if a fire was to spread. To find out more or to join the brave volunteers at Wyndhamvale CFA Fire Brigade you can go to their Facebook page.