How To Choose Your Builder


Choosing a Builder


There are just so many options when deciding on your dream home – how can you know which builder will provide the right product for your family? Here are some tips for how to choose the perfect builder for you. 


Visit the Harpley Display Village.

Take your time to see what’s on offer, compare designs and prices and make a short list of the builders you like. Bring a notebook with you or make notes on your smart phone so you can remember and compare later. To find out the opening times of each of the builders at the Harpley display village, click on this link.


Look at the construction of the houses at the Harpley Display Village.

Look closely at the quality of the cabinetry, paint and trimmings. This will give you a good indication of the standard of work you can expect from each builder. If you prefer to see an example of some of the homes without furnishings, you can request the builder to set up a viewing time in a relevant location for you.


Ask your builders lots of questions.

Anything that’s on your mind – whether big or small – is worth asking. Don’t forget to keep taking notes as they give their answers so you remember all the details. Here are some questions you might think about asking when you are interviewing a builder:

  • How much customising can you do on your new home? Which things can you change and what items are standard features? And how much will those extra customisations cost?
  • How energy efficient is your home?
  • Can you have a fixed and detailed breakdown of costs? That way, you know that the price is locked in and where the extra hidden costs of the house come into play.
  • Is landscaping included? If yes, exactly what type of landscaping? For instance, is it just levelling of the ground or are plants included?
  • Time frames – how long is your build likely to take after settlement?
  • What if there is a problem? How will this be fixed and who will bear the responsibility and cost for it?
  • Is there a warranty and, if so, for how long? What does the warranty cover?
  • Are there any upcoming promotions or special offers that you should be made aware of? 

Ask your builder for references of other happy clients from within the Harpley community.

You may like to just drive past to see the finished product or (if given permission) even contact these referees to find out more about their experience. Ask the referees if they were happy with their build and, if there were any issues, how were these resolved.