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You may have seen the distinctive red barnyard in the playground at the Harpley Wallaby Childcare Centre on Black Forest Road. This purpose built facility was specifically designed to cater to families in the Harpley community and they are taking enrolments for 2018 now.

Wallaby Childcare Centre has been created to care for 149 children from the Harpley community and surrounding area from ages 6 weeks until the kids are 6 years old and ready to start school.

There are five rooms at the centre. The infant nursery caters for 12 little ones until they are 18 months old. After that, there are three toddler rooms for under 3s, who also have their own outdoor play space. There are an additional two rooms dedicated to pre-kinder children who also have their own separate outdoor yard. A kindergarten program is also on offer that incorporates excursions around the Harpley neighbourhood as well as sports and fitness programs.

Wallaby Childcare centres are known for their interactive spaces, their encouragement of creativity and imaginative play and their nurturing environments, and the one in Harpley is no exception. Wallaby Childcare Early Learning Centre Harpley has been deliberately built to encourage the kids to be a part of their wider community. When inside the grounds, the children have views over the waters and into the estate. When the educators want to take the kids on excursions, there are no roads to cross and everyone can safely access all the facilities Harpley has to offer.

Director Voula Samaras and her team of dedicated educators and their classroom pets are eager to welcome your family to enrol for next year. New enquires are always welcome and new families are encouraged to come visit and see the centre for yourselves.

209 Black Forest Road, Harpley, Werribee. www.wallabychildcare.com.au

Wallaby Childcare Centre Video

Wallaby Childcare Centre at Harpley cares for 149 children from ages 6 weeks until they start school. Enrolments are now open for 2018, watch our video for more information.