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Meet the Wyndham Netball Association

For those looking for a fun way to stay fit, meet your neighbours and be involved in a team sport, netball is a fantastic option.

With their home grounds at Eagle Stadium at 35 Ballan Road in Werribee, Wyndham Netball Association was founded in 2013 and is one of the most well established netball clubs in the area.

Wyndham Netball Association now boasts 213 teams that play regularly from February to June, then July to December. There are competitions on most week day evenings and also on weekends and they welcome everyone from women’s’ teams to mixed gender teams to juniors. There is even an umpire development program for those who really want to take their love of netball to the next level.

Wyndham Netball Association offers a couple of options for kids. From aged 5 you can enrol in Net Set Go which is an introduction to netball skills and basic rules specifically designed for children. Music, dance and other fun elements are also incorporated. Alternatively, from aged 7 kids can start playing in matches.

And don’t forget, netball is not just for girls. Boys are also welcome to play up until the Under 15s & Inclusive junior competitions.

For more information or to join a team, go to http://www.wyndhamnetball.com.au/

Wyndham Netball Association Video

Watch the Wyndham Netball Association Video and learn how you can get involved, have fun and get fit!