Werribee Zoo’s new lion cubs have been named!

Four lions cubs at Werribee Zoo have been named after public vote

Four furry African lion cubs born at Werribee Open Range Zoo have finally been named.

More than 1500 members of the public cast their vote to name the cubs born in August.

Two female cubs will be called Asali, which is Swahili for “honey”, and Ilola, meaning “to become strong” in the Lesotho language.

Their brothers have been named Ato, which has Swahili origins and means “he who is born on Saturday”, and Lwazi, Zulu for “the one with knowledge”.

The winning names will be a welcome change for zoo keepers, who have had to tell the cubs apart from small differences in their size.

The foursome made their public debut in early October.

The cubs have been enjoying sticks, bark and mum Nilo’s tail to be their favourite play things, the zoo has revealed.

The litter will be introduced to 11-month-old half-siblings Zuberi, Ndidi, Aziza and Kibibi in coming weeks too.

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(Source: AAP, Herald Sun, November 15, 2017. Photos David Caird).