Harpley Project Update September 2017


Harpley Project Update


Harpley is thriving! Since July 2017 Harpley has had 5 new land releases. A big welcome to the new Harpley families who have purchased in Larapinta, Shearwater Place and Townley Park!

In August 2017 we held a Meet Your Neighbours event at Iramoo Community Centre, with cooking classes, Chai tea demonstrations and the popular Iramoo Food Swap.  We had lots of new Harpley residents enjoying the activities and the chance to mingle and get to know each other.  In September 2017 we had a fantastic day to celebrate Father’s Day, with lots of sports and games activities, kids card-making activity stand and a free Man Cave photo booth where dads could get a family pic taken with their kids.  We also gave away free Herald Sun newspapers for all the dads. These are just some of the events we provide to help our new residents settle into the community lifestyle at Harpley. 

Talking of families, we also welcomed our baby swan family to the Harpley wetlands, where mum Ima Swan and dad Dane Swan raised their five new cygnets.  We had a community naming competition which resulted in five great names, each with significance to the area.  Read more about our swan family here.

To find out more about our events, visit the news page on our website or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

From a construction point of view, we have moved into Shearwater Place and demand for land in this neighbourhood has been outstanding.  Harpley has also had several releases of land in our premium precinct Larapinta and we will continue to bring a selection of premium lots to the market each month.

Stay tuned for our next Shearwater Place release, stage Stage 54A in October 2017. Register to stay in the loop on Harpley.

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