Harpley's new baby swans have been named!


Harpley Baby Swans


The Harpley team is delighted to announce we have named the five baby swans currently living at Harpley’s adventure park and wetlands. There were more than 60 people who submitted names over the past two weeks on our Facebook page. Some names were submitted by two or more respondents, the prize goes to the person who first submitted the name.

So, with great excitement we are pleased to announce the names:

Henry, Apollo, Terama, Harper, Mulgu

The parent swans are Ima Swan (mum) and Dane Swan (dad). They have been living at Harpley for the past 3 years. Each name is from a different contributor and each has some meaning:

  • Henry is one of the names from the Richmond family who came to Australia on the ship Harpley in 1848. (Provided by Stuart McWilliam)
  • Apollo is a Greek God who rode a swan to winter in a slice of paradise known as Hyperborea. (Provided by Georgina Ward)
  • Terama is the name of the street (Terama Chase) adjoining the adventure park where most sightings of the swans have taken place. (Provided by Tomi Jerkovic)
  • Harper was suggested three times so is a popular choice and sounds like Harpley. (Provided by Rebecca Borg)
  • Mulgu is the aboriginal name for Black Swan and was provided twice (provided by Kate Webb).

The winners will each receive a $50 Bunnings voucher to thank them for their efforts in naming our baby swans.

Click here to watch our video of the baby swans and their new names.