How to Design Your Harpley Home Facade


An important part of building a master-planned community is to ensure the visual appeal of streetscapes. Harpley has developed Home Design Guidelines that make it easy for you to build a beautiful home that complements its environment. By applying consistent guidelines across all homes in Harpley this ensures every street is well-presented and carefully designed. In particular, there are guidelines that apply to the front of your home that offer a range of options to complement the overall street design.

Some good general tips for a well-designed home façade include:

Highlight the entrance to your home

Ensuring you can see the front door from the street, providing a separate pathway to the front door (instead of using the driveway) and building a covered entry that extends forward from the rest of the house will make your new home seem more welcoming.

Windows should take up at least 20% of the overall façade

It’s best if you design your house so that the windows that overlook the street (or any public space) are from parts of the house that you live in; for instance, a living room or a bedroom, not a toilet or a laundry. This means that when you are home you can always be taking advantage of the views over Harpley.

It is also important to ensure your window designs match the overall look and feel of your home to keep it architecturally consistent.

Give your home depth with an extended roof

Eaves, entries, verandahs and rooves that extend over the front of a house give the house perspective and depth as well as providing practical and free weather insulation.

Another way to achieve this is to recess or set back your front windows and doors to allow the roofing to overhang.

Don’t copy your neighbours

While it is important for the homes in the Harpley community to have a complementary overall design, your house should still reflect your family’s own personality and character. When you submit your design approval it must be different to the homes within three lots on either side of your home or directly across the road. Similarly, a neighbour is not permitted to copy your home design within the same boundaries. The Harpley Design team will guide you through this process during approval of your home designs.

The exception for this is for purchasers who have bought into Medium Density or Integrated housing sites in Harpley.

Think of your garden as an extension of your home

How you landscape your front garden adds to the overall look of your home façade. Match the look and feel of your building with well maintained lawns and gardens to enhance the warmth of your home.

Single storey home guidelines

The Harpley Home Design Guidelines require an articulation (or a difference) between the front wall of the house and the garage if your house is single storey. These means the two cannot line up – one must be sit slightly in front of or behind the other. It is preferred if the front wall of the house is in front of the garage and the minimal alignment variation is 500mm. If you chose to have the garage set in front of the front wall of the house then the maximum distance of protrusion allowed is 1 metre and the roof above your entrance must extend past this.

Double storey home guidelines

If your home is double storey and at least 40% of the width of the façade is covered in a 1.5 metre deep covered verandah or balcony, then the garage does not need to be set back from the front façade wall of the house. These are allowed to line up. The covered verandah or balcony must reach up to the first floor of the house.

To avoid disappointment or difficulties with your home plans, please consult with your home builder early to ensure your build complies with the Harpley Design Guidelines. You can also direct any specific questions to our friendly team at the Harpley Sales & Information Centre, tel: 1300 739 839.