Did You Know Harpley’s Sales Office is built from Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)?


Cross laminated timber (CLT) is the latest in exciting building materials that are revolutionising the industry. Also known as pre-cast timber panels, CLT panels are formed when kiln-dried boards are placed on top of each other at 90 degree angles, held together with non-toxic glue.

By cross laminating the timbre boards, potential problems such as shrinkage in the wood are reduced which makes CLT an ideal product to use for floors, walls and rooves. As well as being more durable, CLT is also lightweight – Architecture & Design quotes CLT as being only 20% the weight of concrete. And panels can be specifically created to fit together perfectly increasing insulation.

Of course the ability for CLT to be prefabricated and custom designed to suit any build means removing the uncertainty of creating significant parts onsite – all logistics can be preplanned and calculated.

In fact, CLT is such a fantastic product that Lendlease has famously been the first in Australia to use CLT in any large scale projects – namely the Forte building and The Library at the Dock in Melbourne. In fact, the 3,000 square metre Forte was completed in a mere 10 weeks specifically because of the use of prefabricated cross laminated timber.

Lendlease are such believers in CLT’s utility that they have even begun employing it across their other developments such as to line the interiors of the Sales and Information Centres on the ground at their masterplanned communities in Harpley and Aurora in Melbourne.

“Lendlease spent over three years undertaking detailed due diligence on CLT from both a technical and commercial perspective, said Head of Timber Solutions at Lendlease Andrew Nieland to Architecture & Design. “CLT uses a more efficient construction process that is environmentally sustainable, durable, better quality and safer.”