Free Wifi in Harpley

Did you know that there is free wifi at the adventure playground at Harpley? And did you know that wifi was actually invented in Australia?

Wifi is so prominent in our high tech society that it’s hard to remember life without it. Wifi – a way of using electromagnetic radiation to connect electronic devices – is so pervasive that today there are more wifi devices that human beings on the planet – and according to the SBS news website, there will be 40 billion devices worldwide by 2020.

Wifi was created in 2016 by the CSIRO. This patented technology (then known by a different name) has generated over $420 million and is CSIRO’s best source of commercial profit. Now is it available in offices, cafes and – at Harpley!

So next time you are at Harpley's Adventure Playground and Park, log onto the free wifi to keep you connected with all your friends and family even when you’re not at home.