Werribee City Centre Redevelopment 


Werribee City Redevelopment


In an exciting development for the Werribee community, Wyndham City Council has announced that central Werribee city will be undergoing a major transformation with the construction of four new major building projects to bring more jobs and commerce into the area. 

The announcement in September last year reported that $250 million will be spent on the build to give Werribee a new look as a modern, waterside neighbourhood embracing the surrounding parkland and riverside. 

Sites at Cherry Street, Synnot Street and two along Barnes Place and Comben Drive overlooking the Werribee River will be redeveloped into large multistorey lifestyle precincts. 

The result will be impressive for the Werribee community – 5,000 square metres of office space and 2,500 square metres of retail or café space will be created to encourage new businesses to invest. This could mean 600 new jobs just in the Werribee area. There will also be 100 serviced apartments to entice new visitors to the area and 1,400 new car parking spaces to encourage residents to work, shop and spend time and money in central Werribee. 

Included in the development is also an 8,000 square metre Integrated Community Learning Hub and new childcare service and the redevelopment of Wyndham Park to take advantage of its position on the Werribee River. 

The entire redevelopment is Wyndham City’s plan to embrace a growing population in Werribee and greater Wyndham and improve the area’s liveability. Right now there are 213,911 people living in Wyndham – that number is set to reach 424,476 in the next 20 years. 70,000 of those people will be Werribee alone. 

Construction is set to begin in 2017 or 2018.

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