Harpley Construction Update – February 2017

Harpley continues to grow with strong sales demand right through the summer months. From a construction perspective, we are also growing very fast and despite the Christmas break, we are still on track to deliver land titles as detailed below.

Carinya Stage 28

Main construction works are complete, including roads & drainage, services and street lights. Final inspections and sign off is currently being undertaken. Street signs and road marking to be completed in the coming weeks. Titles are expected early April 2017.

Shearwater Stage 21

Sewer, drainage, water, recycled water & gas infrastructure is complete. Roads currently being boxed out (excavation to sub-level). Stage is progressing well and titles are expected early June

Shearwater Stage 22

Sewer is complete. Drainage, water, recycled water & gas infrastructure currently being completed. Road box out expected to commence week starting 6th February. Titles are expected early June.

Shearwater Stage 24

Stage 24 sewer is complete & drainage has commenced. Gas, Water & recycled water has also commenced in the stage and is tracking well. Road boxing (excavation) will commence in the coming week. Titles are expected July.

Shearwater Stages 25 & 26

Stage 25 & 26 has been stripped of top soil and survey has been completed. Sewer works commenced end of January. Titles are expected late August / early September.