Meet the Werribee CFA

Werribee CFA


Wondering what you will get out of volunteering with the CFA? Apart from meeting new people in your local area and being involved in your community, there are plenty of other benefits. Just ask Jason Inglis. He has been with the Werribee Fire Brigade CFA team for five years. Initially, he was a maintenance fitter looking for an opportunity to volunteer and get some experience. It turns out his training at the CFA was enough experience for him to change careers. Now Jason works as a trainer for Aviation Fire Fighters.

Here are his thoughts on how you, too, can get some CFA experience. And best of all, they want people from all backgrounds – you might be really valuable even if being on the frontline of the fires isn’t your thing.


What can the residents of Harpley do to help their local CFA unit?

We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds. If locals were to join our brigade all the training is provided.

The brigade operates like a business and people with other skills are welcome. We have operational roles for people that want to fight fires as well as people that may only want a role supporting the background. The support roles are often hardest to fill but just as important as fire fighters.


What is the fire danger risk for Harpley this summer?

It is likely that our brigade will be called to help our community this summer.

Werribee has less grassland than it used to but there are still areas around the urban fringe, river and the Melbourne Water treatment farm that are challenging for us in a fire. There is a lot of grassland close to houses in new estates. In hot, windy conditions fires can get going quickly and move quite fast.


What can we do to protect our houses from grassfires?

  1. Keep areas around your house free from long grass.
  2. Watch out for emergency service vehicles in the event of a fire.
  3. Have an emergency plan for your family (for what you will do) if a fire is near your house.

To contact Werribee Fire Brigade – CFA go to their Facebook page here