Anne Cross and the Lendlease team complete the New York Marathon!


Anne Cross


The Harpley team are super-proud of Senior Sales Consultant, Anne Cross, who has just returned from running in the New York Marathon on 6th November.  Anne is still buzzing from the amazing experience of competing in this race.  Special mention also to the other Melbourne Lendlease team members who also competed with Anne, including Kurt Freeburn, Development Manager for Harpley and Lauren Farr from the finance team.

In her own words, Anne has shared her amazing achievement with us, read below. 

The NYC marathon was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life! 

Up at 6am to catch the subway to Staten Island Ferry.  Getting out of the subway, we were greeted by a huge mass of fellow runners being guided through a mass of barriers to the awaiting buses.  The excitement built as we were now on the bus and heading to the start.  Once we arrived at Fort Wadsworth, we were body searched as we got off the bus and then corralled into our particular start section.

As we walk to the Verrazano-Narrows bridge, up to our start position, it felt very surreal.  The American anthem played followed by New, York, New York by Frank Sinatra.  Then the cannon went off and the journey commenced.   Almost 2 miles to cross the bridge; extremely congested and I think I could have walked faster than I was jogging, however the views from the bridge of Manhattan were unbelievable.  It was a cold but clear morning.  Then to see the fire brigades salute on the water from a red, white and blue boat was something to behold.  Can it get better than this?? Yes it can.

The folks of Bay Ridge were loud and proud as we came off the first of many bridges and full of encouragement as were the crowds the entire way.  A fairly straight run down into Brooklyn with regular entertainment zones which kept the party going.  Onto Williamsburg and into queens, climbing over bridges through both these suburbs.  We hit half way at Queens and I am travelling well.  Turning into 1st Avenue was a whole new experience, Party, party, party!  We were doing the YMCA at one time and even a Mexican Wave came through, this sort of fun just kept going.  New Yorkers are amazing supporters.  We had our names printed on the front of our T-shirts so the supporters would yell out your name with excitement and encouragement.  Unfortunately it’s a long way down 1st Avenue when you have to go from 58th Street to past 125th Street, however seeing my husband, brother in the crowd, filled me with joy and I was still feeling very good and I was on pace for a 3 hour, 50 min. marathon at this point.  Then another bridge into the Bronx.  At 30k I started to cramp, although I had been taking energy gels and water along the way, my hamstrings and quads were severely cramping.  I had to slow right down to try to stamp out the cramps, however the next 10k was extremely challenging and much slower than I had hoped.  Finally the entry to Central Park which was mostly downhill allowed me to relax and just run it home.  After being on track to run 3 hours 50 mins, at the 30k mark, I am happy that I only just went over the 4 hour mark, considering my cramping issues over the last 12k.  My final time was 4.02.41. 

After finishing, a couple of first-aiders could see how destressed I was with the cramping and they offer me some salted pretzels.  Much to my surprise, it was the last thing I felt like eating, however they said I had depleted all my salt reserves and this is causing the cramping.  As soon as I had a few pretzels, the cramping ceased immediately.  This was a great lesson learned.  With a solid NYC marathon medal hanging around my neck, I walked proudly with the other finishers up to the family and friends meeting place.

Lendlease put on a great celebration dinner that night,  where we all shared our experiences and felt proud of our achievements.”