Werribee Football Club Redevelopment

Werribee Football Club Redevelopment


As a major sponsor and partner with Werribee Football Club, the team at Harpley is pretty excited about the huge new redevelopment that will see vast improvements to the club’s facilities in Werribee.

From a current grandstand that can only seat 40 to 50 people, the new spectators’ area will have capacity for close to 500 fans to cheer and support the players. And there could be a lot of those as the behind the scenes facilities are being recreated to allow multiple matches to run one after the other to support an entire day of footy viewing.

These include unisex, disability-friendly change rooms that can be used as one large space or separated into four individual and separate rooms to house multiple teams at once. The umpires will also get their own change rooms and the players will have the benefit of a new gymnasium, canteen and social room.

All this new space means that the club can plan to include the greater community in more of the club’s facilities. CEO Mark Penaluna hopes that in 2018, when the renovations are complete, Werribee Football Club can begin to work towards its own The Huddle program, similar to the North Melbourne Football Club, where 5,000 kids can come through and use the facilities each year.

In the meantime, where will the home ground be for Werribee Football Club for 2017? While these details are yet to be confirmed, Penaluna says there will likely be night home games at a City of Wyndham venue as well as potentially Arden Street, Torquay and Hobart.

Harpley will continue its association with the club and we look forward to continuing our sponsorship agreement when the club returns to the redeveloped oval and facilities in 2018!