Safety & Security Presentation, Harpley

Tuesday 4th October 2016

Safety presentation

Leading Senior Constables Craig McDonald and Matthew Bextream of the PPU Crime Prevention Division, North West Metro Police, gave a very informative presentation on safety and security measures for residents of Harpley last night.

More than 45 people came along to hear what they could do to minimise the risk of break-ins and thefts from their homes.  Simple tips such as deadlocking windows, using effective locking mechanisms on doors and installing electronic surveillance linked to your smart phone were all things that everyone could do to make their homes safer. The clear message was to think like a criminal; what are the risks to the criminal of breaking into this home and what are the rewards?  

There are several Residential Crime Information Kits available, pick your copy up from the Harpley Sales & Information Centre.

You can also download a Residential Security Assessment here to check your own home security and read some helpful security advice from Victoria Police.