Harpley Greening Day

Noon – 2pm, Sunday 16th October

Harpley Adventure Park, opposite the Harpley Sales & Information Centre


Little Veggie Patch will be coming to Harpley  to chat to you about the benefits of veggie patching and how you can do it at home.

Little Veggie Patch has made a name for itself by showing that you can be your own fresh food supplier no matter where you live. Famous for setting up a market garden in the unlikely location of a rooftop at Federation Square, Little Veggie Patch’s Founder and Director, Matthew Pember insists that growing your own fruit and veg is simple and doable – even right in the urban centres of Melbourne. “There is no better produce than when you grow it yourself!

We strongly believe that everyone, regardless of space or skills, is able to grow their own food at home,” he says.

“Growing food for us is a great grounding experience in the age of technology. It’s hard to put a tangible value on vitamin D, grit under the nails and the idea of growing what you eat. Add to that are numerous tangible outcomes: the ability to save money on expensive herbs and salads (that are so easy to grow!), ensuring that your food is grown organically, learning where our food comes from and reducing food miles,” Matthew adds.

So what can you expect on the day?

  • The Little Veggie patch team will provide complimentary seeds and environmentally friendly pots and soil so that visitors can plant an edible garden seed (also free, such as tomato or basil) at the potting station and take it home to plant in their garden.
  • Informative talks and discussions on how to get the best out of your garden, what plants to grow and how to create a sustainable edible garden at home.
  • There will be lots of giveaways of plants and seeds and four lucky attendees will also win their own ready- to-install garden bed including a half-crate, organic compost, organic potting mix, worm castings, and rockdust, delivered to the individual homes of the winners.

It’s great fun for the whole family so bring along the kids, get your hands into the dirt and enjoy the satisfaction of planting, growing and eating your own veggies.