Recycled Water


City West Water


City West Water works are currently underway to supply recycled water homes in Harpley later in 2016. 

Your recycled water pipes, you may know them as “purple pipes”, currently supply water to your toilet, outside tap and in many cases, your laundry.  These pipes currently supply drinking water, and later this year, City West Water will begin supplying recycled water. 

In preparation for this, City West Water are working in Harpley conducting external checks at every home for cross connections between recycled and drinking water pipes. Further checks will be undertaken once supply commences. 

City West Water encourages you to complete an internal plumbing check in your home – see attached flier for more information.

If you have any questions, come along to one of our upcoming information sessions where you can talk to people from the City West Water recycled water project team.  Click here for more details.

For more information please read our Recycled Water Fact Sheet.

More information is available via: 

Facebook: /cwwater

Twitter: @citywestwater

Website: citywestwater.com.au/westwyndham