August Construction Update


STAGES 14 and 15:

  • Asphalt layers have now all been finalised, with line marking about to take place.
  • Asset testing currently is underway to prepare for commissioning prior to titles.
  • Topsoil is being placed over the next week and will be followed by a final survey pegging of lots.
  • A small portion of drainage works are currently underway on Black Forest Road to enable road widening and on street parking to occur.
  • The last portion of footpaths are currently being finished off.
  •  Unfortunately stages 14 and 15 encountered a delay with an authority approval, which has delayed the forecast title date to late October. The administrative issue has now been addressed and we are working on opportunities to accelerate the stage where possible. 


  • Installation of potable and recycled water mains are now complete.
  • Road excavation has commenced and will be finished today. The team starts working on improving road sub-grade next week.
  • Sewer and drainage works are currently being finished off in the back of lots.
  • Titles for stage 16 are expected for early December.


  • Road excavation has been completed, and the construction team is currently installing service conduits to service the lots.
  • Sewer, drainage and water mains have all been installed.
  • Stage 17 titles are forecast for early December.


Works commence next week, on program to achieve February titles.

Shearwater updates coming soon.
Hoping for no more rain and plenty of good weather!