Harpley Town Centre, the Heart of Harpley


Harpley Town Centre - The Heart of Harpley


The future Town Centre of Harpley is set to become an exciting destination, not just for our Harpley residents, but the wider Wyndham Vale community. Nestled on the edge of waterways and parkland, the town centre will offer a range of amenities including a major supermarket, convenient shopping, a primary school and waterside cafes. In addition, dedicated areas are proposed to include a health and wellbeing precinct, employment hub and a myriad of speciality services. Located right in the heart of the Harpley Estate, the Town Centre will be in walking distance for local residents. This means things that once felt like chores – trips to the shops, doctor’s appointments, even the morning school-run – will soon become a delight, surrounded by the beauty of this vibrant, waterfront neighbourhood.


Harpley Town Centre

Watch our video to see what's planned for Harpley Town Centre, the heart of Harpley's waterside community




Harpley - I love my waterside living 
Waterfront Living 

Surrounded by sparkling waterways, Harpley Town Centre is set to be a destination like no other.

Perfectly positioned at the heart of this vibrant neighbourhood, this is a place for the community to come together, and where everything you need is readily available.




Harpley - I love my local cafe 
Restaurants  and Cafes

The Harpley Town Centre will be designed to make it easy for our residents to sit back and relax over a coffee at the local café – take some time to immerse yourself in the town centre where you can enjoy a stroll along Harpley’s eat street and dining precinct on any given evening.

Take your pick of the wide variety of cafés, restaurants and bars located within the town centre and on the waterfront.




Harpley - I love my community

I love my community

At Harpley, the needs of the community are always the number one priority, and the Town Centre will be no different. Designed to put people first, this is a welcoming, cohesive neighbourhood. Rest easy knowing you’re surrounded by like-minded friends, and explore the natural surrounds together.




Harpley - I love my schoolI love my school

Harpley’s future public primary school will be conveniently located behind the Town Centre for ease of drop off and collection. The town centre education precinct will also include a dedicated kindergarten and childcare centre.

Complete with playgrounds and child health facilities, this is a safe, inclusive spot for little ones to meet their neighbours and form enduring friendships that will last a lifetime.