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Development Updates


Welcome to the August 2020 Development Update.

Development Update

Welcome to the Harpley Development Update for August 2020. Congratulations to Stage 66, 68 and 81 purchasers! These stages have recently titled and settlements are taking place. We look forward to welcoming you to Harpley as you start to build your homes. In other great news, the Ison and Bulban Road intersection opened recently. With traffic now flowing through Harpley, residents can enjoy quicker commutes and greater connectivity to the rest of the region. Further landscape works have been occurring around the development with entry works nearing completion at both Stage 62 (where Armstrong Road becomes Townley Boulevard) and at the corner of Black Forest Road and Armstrong Road to the north of the development. You can expect to see more landscape works over August and September as crews move to embellish the newly opened Ison and Bulban Roads.

Road Connections

The road connection of Ison Road, Bulban Road and the Galvin Road roundabout are on track to open in the coming weeks. Final concrete works are underway. This key piece of infrastructure will provide great connection through Harpley from Werribee town centre to Wyndham Vale.

Town Centre Update

Stage 1 civil construction is underway, with progress on track. As announced in the Wyndham Star, Lendlease has partnered with Eildon Funds Management to deliver the Town Centre. Eildon Funds Management are now preparing their planning permit submissions to allow construction of the town centre after completion of the civil works. More information on the proposed design and staging is available in the June edition of In Touch with Harpley.

Education Update

The $5.7m Stage 1 development of St Joseph's Catholic Primary is progressing well. The school will be completed in three stages, with Stage 1 due to open in January 2021. A recent site visit shows exterior cladding to the entirety Stage 1 is complete. Residents are starting to get a good look at the finished product. St Joseph's website is now open for enrolments, with over 50 enrolments announced on St Joseph's Facebook page. Plans for the school are also available on the website. [] Further information is available by contacting [email protected] or calling 0422 048 938 with any questions.

Landscaping update

Although there were some delays with the recent rainfall, we have been able to proceed with our landscaping works. The planting of Cell 2 and Cell 3 is approximately 85% complete. The majority of outstanding work sits within Cell 3, where we have the last of the aquatic planting to install. Following on from the aquatics, our contractors will be mulching small garden beds.

At the corner of Black Forest Road and Armstrong Road, the footings have been poured with the sculptures to be erected in the next two weeks. At the same time, we will be commencing soft landscaping works to create an entry statement to Harpley. We are proceeding ahead with the street trees for stages 62-65, with the installation due by the end of May.

Harpley Views Stage 82

Stage 82 works are progressing. Top soil stripping has occurred and sewer works are complete. Drainage works are 90% complete and water work has commenced. We are forecasting titles between March - May 2021.