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Development Updates


Welcome to the November 2019 Development Update.

Development to Date

Happy Halloween! We hope to see families out enjoying the parks and path networks delivered by the Harpley project while trick or treating. Now fully into the growing season, we are seeing many turfed and landscaped areas establishing nicely! After months of intense construction, the new Display Village and Sales Centre are open to the public. You may see many crews out in force to clean up rubbish and tidy street scapes to ensure Harpley shines brighter than ever for the summer season. We are also close to titles for multiple stages and are seeing road connections signalised, unlocking Harpley streets for easier and safer connection to the broader community.

Road Connections

Delivering the major infrastructure road connections is of our highest priority. This road connection is forecast for completion by April 2020, and will dramatically benefit the project’s access. Further works can be easily seen on the Ison Road culvert crossing, where large scale concreting works on the wing walls are being completed early November. Signal activation is expected mid-November along Armstrong Road, however the Armstrong Road and Black Forest Road intersection may take a little longer. Landscaping works along Ison Road are now complete and looking magnificent! You'll be able to enjoy these views when visiting our new Display Village.

Ison Road Bridge

If you wish to view the bridge construction, the new Sales and Information Centre has an unimpeded view! Drop by the Sales Centre at Gillespie Avenue to see what's happening. Many dump trucks can be seen filling either side of the bridge, to bring up the levels closer to the finished surface level. Finishes will soon start to be completed, which will soften the overall structure.

Harpley Sales Centre & Display Village

Currently the most exciting new aspect of Harpley, Display Village and Sales and Information Centre will have their grand opening on 16th November 19. Trades on site have now been swapped for sales staff ready to help you with enquiries. A great chance to see the latest in new home designs and styling by 18 of Melbourne's leading builders and enjoy our vast landscaped areas and landscaping garden styles on display.

Townley Park Stage 64 & 65

Congratulations to Stage 64 and Stage 65 customers on your up coming settlement. Title registrations occurred over October 19 and we can't wait to welcome new residents into the Harpley community.

We highly recommend purchasers are completing their settlement checklists. This includes checking lot peg locations, and organising temporary fencing of their lots to secure their property once settled. We extend a warm welcome our new residents at Harpley.

Townley Park Stage 67

With all major works now complete on this stage, the only processes to be completed are the authorities sign offs. We are still forecasting tiles from Nov 19 - Dec 19.

Please ensure you are settlement ready, checking pre-approval details and organising temporary fencing for your lot once it has been settled.

Townley Park Stage 68

This being one of our largest stages as well as having an integrated park, has made for a challenging construction. Works are tracking well with construction having to plan around end of year shut down periods. Road box and electrical mains are now complete. Electrical works will make up much of the work to finalise in the new year before the authority sign off process.

We are still forecasting titles from Feb 20 - Apr 20.

Harpley Views Stage 66

Although the works within stage 66 are complex, the stage is significantly smaller than others. Drainage for this stage is now completed as well as sewer works. Water main works have just past the 50% mark. We are still forecasting titles from Apr 20 - Jun 20.

Harpley Views Stage 81

With sewer and drainage complete, water mains have been able to progress to 80% completion. This stage still proves highly challenging due to approvals required for works that are adjacent to the Regional Rail Link land. We are still forecasting titles between May 20 - Jun 20 and will keep you informed as works progress.