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Welcome to Harpley’s Development Update

We’re thrilled to share the latest development progress happening at Harpley.

Information provided below is correct as at June 2023 and is provided as a general guide only. We aim to update this webpage every three - four months.

Please note, construction updates relating to residential stages are communicated directly by the Harpley Sales Team. As your new lot gets closer to settlement, you'll receive necessary updates directly from them via email.

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Lollypop Creek Primary School Open Image

Lollypop Creek Primary School Open

The new Lollypop Creek Primary School have now finished their first term!

The staff and students have been getting to know each other, breaking in the playground, and settling into the brand-new classrooms.

Some highlights so far are the cross country, the family picnic, and announcing the senior leadership team.

Classroom teachers Madi Howlett and Shay Gibson have enjoyed getting to know the students and their families.

“The community is so welcoming. There are parents who will hang around after school just to have a chat. It really feels like we’ve been brought into this community, which is really nice,” said Shay.

Lollypop Creek (Interim Name) Secondary School Construction Underway Image

Lollypop Creek (Interim Name) Secondary School Construction Underway

Excitingly, construction is now underway with commencement of earthworks. 

The new secondary school is proposed to open to Year 7 students in Semester 1, 2024. The school will be able to enrol up to 550 students when the first stage is complete.

The site will also feature a specialist school, which will provide educational programs for students with mild to profound intellectual disability. 

The community will be able to help choose the new school’s name via the Engage Victoria website. Following consultation, the school’s name will be announced in Term 3, 2023. 

See the latest drone footage here from the Victorian School Building Authority. 

Town Centre Shopping Village anchored by Coles* Image

Town Centre Shopping Village anchored by Coles*

The Town Centre Shopping Village will be home to a Coles supermarket, as well as expected pharmacy, gym, beauty, food providers and more supporting retailers.  

The sod turn event was held in April 2023, marking the commencement of construction.

The first stage of construction involves the Coles supermarket, local shopping and car park. The shopping village* opening is planned for Autumn 2024.

*Delivered by Eildon Capital

Harpley Community Centre Image

Harpley Community Centre

The $13.7 million centre will feature three kindergarten rooms, a play space and associated amenities, three Maternal and Child Health consulting suites, two multipurpose community rooms, two meeting rooms, a community kitchen, storage and office space. 

The centre is expected to be operational in mid-2024, with the kindergarten to be operated by one of Wyndham’s five carefully selected Early Years Partners – One Tree Community Services.   

The project is supported by a $2.5 million Building Blocks grant and a $1.3 million Growing Suburbs Fund grant from the Victorian Government.   

St Joseph’s Primary School Expansion Image

St Joseph’s Primary School Expansion

St Joseph’s Primary School is currently undergoing works to expand the facilities to be able to welcome even more students!  New facilities include an additional education building and administration area.

Construction of Phase 2 is now underway, further can be information here.

Pictured: St Joseph's Learning Centre B

Edgewater Village Park (renamed to Tintagel Way Park) Image

Edgewater Village Park (renamed to Tintagel Way Park)

Construction is nearing completion for Edgewater Village Park (recently renamed to Tintagel Way Park). Shelter works and drainage have been installed, concrete path works and play equipment installation are underway. Softfall installation, irrigation and landscaping works all to commence shortly. The park is expected to open in mid-late 2023. 

Upon completion residents can expect the following key amenity within the park - 

Picnic shelter | Bike parking rails | Arch Tunnel | Two bay swing | Wheelchair carousel | Embankment slide | And more! 

Town Centre Lake Image

Town Centre Lake

Bulk earthworks are on on-track to complete by June 2023, with construction of pedestrian bridges and the weir having commenced, targeting a completion of Spring 2023.

Landscaping works are expected to commence after the pedestrian bridges and weir are complete in Spring 2023. 

Edgewater Waterway Image

Edgewater Waterway

The Edgewater Waterway ties in with the existing Fitness loop.

Construction of the two boardwalks within the waterway are progressing, with timber tread installation currently underway. Final concreting and planting works are nearing completion. 

The Edgewater Waterway is on track for completion alongside the Edgewater Village Park in mid-late 2023. 

Bulban Road Dog off-leash Park* Image

Bulban Road Dog off-leash Park*

Bounded by Bulban Road and Levittown Rise, the dog park will include two separate fenced areas with large open lawns and various play zones for dogs to exercise and have fun, as well as trees, soft landscaping, seating, drink fountains and circuit paths. 

Budget of $1.02m, construction is in progress. 

The new park is part of the Wyndham Dog-Off Leash Plan 2022 and Wyndham's Open Space Strategy, both of which strive to provide accessible and well-connected open spaces for families and their pets.   

*Delivered by council.

Residential Stage Progress Image

Residential Stage Progress

Stage 75 – 46 lots titled in Feb 2023.

Stage 69 –
40 lots titled May 2023.

Stage 76 – 37 lots titled May 2023.

Stage 72
– 66 lots titled Dec 2023.

Stage 70 – Sewer & water completed. Road boxing progressing. Asphalt to come next.

Stage 77 – Bulk earthworks complete. Sewer & draining progressing.

Stage 98 – Sewer & water complete. Road capping, drainage & electrical underway.

Stage 83 – Bulk earthworks commencing soon.  

Town Centre Fast-Food, Medical Centre & Early Learning Centres* Image

Town Centre Fast-Food, Medical Centre & Early Learning Centres*

The fast-food retailer located on Ison Road is anticipated to complete construction by spring 2023. 

The Medical Centre is currently anticipated to open in spring 2024, followed by the first of two ELC's which is expected to open sometime in 2025.   

*Delivered by Eildon Capital

Town Centre 7-Eleven Now Open* Image

Town Centre 7-Eleven Now Open*

Located on Ison Road is the newly completed 7-Eleven concept store, which opened on 24 November 2022.

Pictured is Mahendar, the manager of the new store which features your 7-Eleven favourites, including Slurpees and Krispy Kreme donuts, plus the brand new Johnny’s Deli, offering a range of hot deli, toasted to order sandwiches.

Mahendar has recently purchased a home in Harpley. He is extremely excited to be able to walk to work every day.

"It was amazing to see how many people came in on the opening day and how busy we were. We really appreciated the support."

*Developed by Eildon Capital

Ison Road Overpass Image

Ison Road Overpass

Residents in Harpley will soon have easier and safer access to the Princes Freeway! The Australian & Victorians governments have recently announced the $114 million investment to complete the Ison Road Rail Overpass.

The Ison Road Overpass, also known as the Wyndham West Link, is the construction of a road overpass bridge across the Melbourne-Geelong Railway line. The road will extend south towards Browns Road, connecting with a section of Ison Road. The road is to be constructed by Wyndham City Council.

For more information, visit Big Build.