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Harpley Development Updates


Development Update

Welcome to the Harpley Development Update.

Since our last update, we have been busy with civil construction and landscaping works across Harpley.

Civil works for the second stage of the Town Centre are well underway, we have completed construction on Stage 67's Eaglemont Park and the Ison Road Temporary Park, dived into earthworks on the Lake and settled the future Lollipop Primary School with the State Government.

We have also recently released Edgewater Stage 73 and civil construction has now commenced. We look forward to releasing Edgewater Stage 74 shortly. Please contact our sales team if you would like further information on any remaining lots or our upcoming releases.

Road Connections

Early works and the culvert/bridges are underway for Bulban Road West and the continuation of Charlwood Promenade which will be the next major road connection.

In case you missed it, the 2021-22 Victorian State Budget included a $10m package to commence a design and early works for the State Government overpass that will provide the link between Ison Road and the Princes Freeway.

Town Centre Update

The Town Centre is made up of two stages - Stage 91 & 92.

Our development partner has lodged development applications for Stage 91 which includes a Medical Centre (including GP and allied health services) and a Service Station provider. Building works are to commence once approval is received from Council.

Stage 92 civil construction is well underway with the majority of concrete complete and asphalt to commence in late July. Completion is forecast by the end of the year. Our development partner is finalising the design of the Main Centre which will include Coles, specialty and food and beverage outlets. Upon completion of civil works, building construction of this stage will commence next year.

Education Update

The $5.7m Stage 1 development of St Joseph's Catholic Primary is thriving as they opened their doors in January 2021 to 127 students for their first year of intake.

Plans for the school are also available on their website.

For further information or to enrol your child, please contact [email protected] or call 0422 048 938.

Construction of the roads surrounding Harpley's future secondary school has now been completed. The secondary school site is now owned by the Department of Education and the timeframe for the school's delivery is dependent on Government requirements.

We are very proud to announce that the Lollipop Creek Primary School, located next to the Town Centre, is expected to open in 2023. The State Government has settled on the land as is anticipated to start construction by the end of the year.

Landscaping update

Stage 67 Eaglemont Park is now open to the public and looking fantastic, our recent Big Trucks Day event was a great celebration of it's opening as well as a great opportunity to bring our residents back together after a difficult year. The Ison Road Temporary Park, located on the western end of Ison Road, is also expected open by the end of July. The construction of Stage 68 Park is scheduled to commence within the next couple of months.

Our landscape contractor has completed initial works on the wetlands opposite Larapinta, fences around the wetlands have and will continue to be moved off the footpaths subject to Melbourne Water requirements.

Over recent months we have attended to and turfed a large number of naturestrips within Townley Park. Turf installation will now be halted until early August due to current weather conditions. Homes that have completed construction in Stages 67, 68 and 81 will be first to receive turf once works commence.

Edgewater Stage 73

Our recent release of Stage 73 was incredibly well received. Civil construction has now commenced on site and we expect to receive Titles in April 2022.

To all of our new residents, we welcome you to the Harpley Community and look forward to seeing you at one of our community events (COVID permitting).

Harpley Lake

The lake will be constructed in three stages - bulk earthworks, civil works and landscaping works.

Bulk earthworks are underway with approximately 80,000 of 400,000 cubic metres of dirt already cut and placed around our Edgewater precinct.

The rock excavated will also remain onsite and be crushed and used as pavement for our roads. This is of great environmental benefit to the project and the community as we are drastically reducing the amount of truck movements in and around Harpley.

The full detailed design of the lake and the landscape design is well underway and we are expecting to be able to roll straight over from bulk earthworks into civil works, with landscaping to follow. We anticipate the Lake to be fully operational by 2023.

Internet connection at Harpley

Many of you will be working from home and we understand how important a high quality internet connection is. If you are experiencing any connectivity issues, we ask that you please contact Opticomm using the details below:
Customer Connection Information - Opticomm
1300 137 800
[email protected]