Split Level Living at Averley

Why would you pick a split level lot at Averley?

Split level homes offer a way to embrace the natural landscape of the land. They do this while still giving you the space for a floor plan that accommodates many living zones. 

At Averley, we’ve worked on the design of every lot to understand the site's landscape. This is to give residents elevated outlooks and open space  to make it a place you’ll love to come home to. We’ve worked to make sure each block is as easy to build on as we can. This will potentially reduce your builder site costs. 

There are often misconceptions around split level living. We’re here to help you understand how it can work for you. 

1. More value: 
Split level homes can offer more value with more space allowed for in the floorplan. Multiple levels allows you to have separated living zones for increased flexibility and privacy. 

2. Premium design:
Each architecturally-designed split level home is considered to ensure it suits the land .You’ll end up in an individual, more appealing home due to the levels on the façade. Your home will be special to you, and provide an appealing frontage to come home to. The interior will elevate design, only limited by your imagination.

3. Better views: 
Your views are likely to be better. Split level land at Averley is designed to embrace the views of the surrounding hillside. You'll also enjoy the premium feel of an increased elevation. 

Our exclusive collaboration with Glenvill consists of 5 rare architecturally designed homes for Averley split level living. We’ve taken the work out of the process for you and found stunning floorplans that will embrace each lot. 

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