How we're talking about sustainability at Averley

At Averley, we’re supporting ways for you to help understand and benefit the most from the land you’ll live on.

To date, we’re working alongside 2 key organisations – Geography Teachers Association Victoria & CERES 3000 Acres.

With them you'll see educational materials and history content on the land of Averley.

You'll also see some great ways to make the most of food sustainability. There's complimentary garden seeds and video content to help you on your way.

Providing education on fresh food, understanding of heritage are part of Averley's vision. A vision to be a place where life comes naturally.

CERES 3000 Acres Image

CERES 3000 Acres

Thanks to our project with CERES 3000acres enjoy complimentary seeds and local produce!

Visit our sales office for your complimentary goodies, designed to encourage food sustainability and exposure to local producers. CERES 3000acres have also produced a series of videos to help you on your edible garden journey.

Geography Teachers Association Victoria materials Image

Geography Teachers Association Victoria materials

We've partnered with GTAV to create new educational materials exploring Averley's development.

The free downloadable materials explain the relationship between population growth and the need for housing.

The workbooks also provide insight into Averley's heritage and the vision for the future.