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Live Safe Guide

Our communities are growing, with new parks, shops, schools and neighbourhoods added every day, so you’ll often see construction underway. This information outlines simple things you can do to stay safe when out and about in a new Lend Lease community. Download the Live Safe Guide

Construction Zones
We do not allow public access to sites still under construction. We always enclose construction zones to prevent unauthorised access, using secure and highly visible fencing. We know kids like to wander, so to help keep your family safe, warn your children to stay away from construction zones.

Construction Machinery
Signs will warn you when heavy equipment is in use and barricades will keep you from accidentally driving into work areas. Stay safe by keeping well away from all machinery entering and exiting the site.

Stock Piles
Soil, gravel, construction rubbish and other materials are often stockpiled in construction zones. Any outside piles are fenced to prevent access. Mounds are usually loose, unstable soil and can contain sharp objects, so don’t walk near them or let children play in them.

Construction Traffic
Drive safely around construction sites. Local roads can get busy, especially at the beginning and end of the day. Keep an eye out for builders’ utes, trucks, vehicles belonging to other contractors and heavy machinery as they move into and out of sites.

Dust & Noise
Periods of construction and building activity on site will result in some level of dust & noise. To ensure that residents are not affected by dust from construction sites Lend Lease’s contractors use water trucks for dust control. Noise is also contained within limits and times of the day as defined by Council.

Water Safety
Kids love exploring creeks. Wild, natural places are great for outdoor play. But water poses dangers, especially for small children. Always supervise kids near creeks, ponds and lakes and use your judgment to decide if the water is acceptable for play.

Undeveloped Areas
Undeveloped parts of Lendlease communities are private property and may be subject to preliminary surveying, engineering and maintenance works. These areas are not open to the public. Neighbourhood Watch Neighbourhood Watch is now online and anyone can join. Get involved and help make your community a safer place. Visit www.nhwa.com.au