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Smart Design for Spacious Townhouse Living

Townhouses; they’re stylish, easy to maintain, cheaper to run, and a great option in Aurora. With smart design choices, they can feel just as spacious as a larger house – minus the additional upkeep. Here are our top tips for turning your townhouse into your dream home.

What is a townhouse?

A townhouse is part of a complex or row of similar houses, often sharing common walls on one or both sides, although some can be freestanding. These homes are often multi-floor with small front and backyards, and they have their own entrance.

Townhouses combine the space and privacy of a larger home with the affordability and convenience of an apartment, making them a great housing option for small families, retirees, singles, and couples. Though they are smaller than your average family home, a few tweaks to the design will make your townhouse feel light and spacious!

Maximise natural light

Using sunlight in your home can make it feel bigger and brighter. Place windows and mirrors where they'll catch the sun to give rooms an open feel. Adding skylights and using reflective surfaces can also help spread light around, making even small spaces seem larger. Plus, natural light saves money through energy efficiency, increases comfort by reducing eye strain, and boosts health through vitamin D.

Consider colours

Choosing the right colours can make a big difference in how spacious your townhouse feels. Light colours like soft grey, cream, and pastels reflect more light, helping rooms feel open and airy. To add depth, mix in some darker shades for contrast. Use colour smartly to make the most of your townhouse's space.

Bring the outdoors in

To make your townhouse feel even more spacious, try bringing the outoors in with indoor plants. Plants don’t just look great — they can purify the air, lift your spirits, and help you relax. Just be careful not to overdo it; too many plants might make your place look crowded and block out precious sunlight. A few well-placed green friends can bring life to your space without taking away that open, airy feeling.

When it comes to townhouse living, you’re spoiled for choice in Aurora. Check out what’s currently available here.