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Seven Sisters Park embraces Wurundjeri culture

Discover Wurundjeri Dreamtime stories in Aurora’s immersive new park, surrounded by native plants and play equipment.

Anyone who’s ever been to Aurora, knows it’s an exceptional place. Aurora is home to some of the rarest flora, fauna and vegetation in Victoria. It’s steeped in thousands of years of rich indigenous culture and history. It’s an intergenerational community where nature flourishes in abundance. And Seven Sisters Park, Aurora’s newest offering, is as unique as the neighbourhood itself. 

There’s greenery and seating, a slide and climbing wall, swing hammocks and baskets for children to enjoy, and plenty of immersive greenery. But look a little closer and you’ll find yourself on a rich journey of First Nation's culture.  

Built on Wurundjeri land, the park was created following years of extensive consultation with the Wurundjeri community. Throughout the park, elements that merge design and education tell the Wurundjeri Dreamtime story of the Karatgurk Seven Sisters who alone possessed the secret of fire.

The Plaza Shelter celebrates the sisters who carried a live coal on the end of their digging sticks, chased by a crow, who, intent on stealing their fire, buries snakes in an ant mount to trick them.  

The lookout over the park, tells their story through light and shadow; as the sisters, tricked by the crow into digging up the ant mound, angers the snakes. In the fight that ensues, the Seven Sisters hit the snakes with their digging sticks, losing their coals.

The striking park entry statement features the Pleiades Constellation, created when the Seven Sisters’ glowing fire sticks are swept into the sky.

More than 11,500 native plants and trees provide tranquil, leafy surrounds with further Indigenous educational resources to come including an interpretative signage trail and videos in the sales centre. It’s just another example of Lendlease’s commitment to creating places that bring people together, immerse them in nature and respect the land’s traditional owners, ensuring their stories are imbedded in the community, for generations to come.

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