Swimming, schooling, sweet treats and more… Aurora’s about to get bigger

Residents of Aurora are about to rediscover this excitement with the expansion of Aurora Village set to breathe even more life into this established community.

The news is out about Aurora’s new convenience centre, ensuring locals have even more reason to love where they live.

There’s something exciting about living in the midst of a growing neighbourhood. One day, it’s a new school or supermarket. The next, it’s another park or Saturday brunch spot, serving up coffee that will have you coming back for more. Residents of the Aurora neighbourhood in Melbourne’s North, are about to rediscover this excitement, with a new centre set to breathe even more life into the community and its character. Delivered by Oreana Property Group, the development adjoins the Aurora Village park, providing a range of new shops and services including health and beauty, food and drinks, education and recreation. Even better? It’s set for completion before December’s holiday season, ensuring more spaces and places for the neighbours to enjoy.

Comfort food favourites Image

Comfort food favourites

Whether your guilty pleasure’s a latte and a muffin, a burger and fries, or a sneaky tub of ice cream, the new centre will satisfy a swathe of cravings. Hungry Jacks is coming to town with its flame grilled goods and better-burger philosophy, alongside artisan gelato from Augustus Gloop. Meanwhile, a new café is set to have coffee drinkers sipping their brew while soaking up Aurora’s attractive view.

“The café will have an outlook over the park and Edgars Creek. Ideally, people can just walk from their homes and pop in for a coffee,” says General Manager Development Oreana Property Group, Paul Bourchier. “It’s going to be a great offering, right next to the pool.”

More to enjoy Image

More to enjoy

Beyond food and education, the centre will deliver a variety of shops and services that will enhance the Aurora lifestyle exponentially. “There’s a 350 square metre premises, with potential for medical practitioners,” says Paul. “In addition to that, we've got a real estate offering, two different beauty tenancies covering hair, nails and massage, a liquor shop and more to be announced.”

“There’s a nice, covered area, outside of the cafe and the swim school, where you could put some tables and chairs. The area spills out into the parkland, which will be especially nice in summer. It’s a good pitstop for the weekend runners, who follow the Edgars Creek trail.”

That’s right – also joining the new hub is a 800 square metre Kingswim Swim School (“They’re anticipating around 3000 visits a week,” says Paul), an Aspire Early Education operator providing a 140-place childcare centre and a Tutoring school to challenge young minds.

Coming soon to a corner near you Image

Coming soon to a corner near you

The new development will soon become an important part of Aurora life, with architectural elements that will make visiting a delight. “We've gone to a reasonable amount of expense giving this development architectural facades. Expect plenty of timber cladding and an extremely high-quality offering in general,” says Paul.

So how long will you have to wait before you’re dropping your kids at the pool, catching up for coffee by the park and booking your hair and beauty appointments in this shiny, new hub? As it turns out, not long at all, with completion anticipated before Christmas.

“The development has well and truly progressed. We're more than halfway through construction,” says Paul. “It’s a convenient addition to the offering that's already established at Aurora. And as the residential area and major town centre grows, this development will grow with it.” Yes, it’s exciting belonging to a growing town. New shops, new services, new places to explore. The potential for convenience, connection and general good times is as vast as the neighbourhood, and beyond.