March is full of Community Spirit: Join us for Fun and Festivities!

A Month-Long Celebration of Unity and Diversity.

Several community organizations and schools have come together with Aurora Lendlease to celebrate unity and diversity. From Clean Up Australia Day to Harmony Day, March offers something for everyone to engage with.

Friday March 3rd - Clean Up Australia Day

The month kicks off on Friday, March 3rd, with Clean Up Australia Day. The students of Edgars Creek Primary School will receive Clean Up Packs thanks to Aurora to participate in the national event. The initiative encourages students to actively participate in cleaning up their local community and learn about the importance of environmental conservation.

Wednesday 8th March - Cultural Awareness & Respect Morning Tea

On Wednesday, March 8th, the Cultural Awareness & Respect Morning Tea will take place at Edgars Creek Secondary College. The morning tea provides an opportunity for the school community to come together and learn about different cultures, traditions, and values. The event aims to foster respect and appreciation for diversity within the community.

Sunday 12th March - Holi Celebration

On Sunday, March 12th, the Seven Sisters Park will host a community-led Holi Celebration. Holi is a festival of colours and celebrates the victory of good over evil. 

Tuesday 21st March - Harmony Day Activation

Harmony Day is celebrated annually in Australia on March 21st. To celebrate the occasion, Edgars Creek Primary School is receiving a food truck on behalf of Aurora for the event that invites the community to share a meal together. The event aims to promote community harmony, diversity, and inclusivity.

Friday March 24th - Seven Sisters Park Launch

The month-long celebration concludes with the Seven Sisters Park Launch on Friday, March 24th. The event coincides with the Neighbour Day Celebration, which encourages people to connect with their neighbors and build strong community relationships. The Seven Sisters Park Launch offers an opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate the park's opening with cultural performances, food, and entertainment.

Find out more about the Seven Sisters Park Launch here.