A glimpse into Aurora in June

Aurora is a diverse community in Wollert with plenty to do and convenient amenities around the corner. Take a glimpse into what we got up to in June...

As you wander around Aurora, you’ll find smiling faces, families playing at the local parks, thriving businesses, and dogs happily wagging their tails on the winding trails. There is plenty to do to keep the whole family entertained year-round, convenient amenities just around the corner, and a strong community keeping everyone connected. Take a glimpse at the June highlights for yourself...

Galada Community Centre Library Hub

Step into Galada Community Centre and discover an area dedicated to some of the simplest joys in life: books! This month, local bookworms Juna and Siya dropped in to pick out bedtime stories for the week ahead at Galada Community Centre Library Hub, serviced by Yarra Plenty Regional Library.

“We enjoy how quiet it is here and Siya can’t resist playing on the slide. It’s also how interactive it is. Siya can help scan her own books - she has to do everything herself.”

Whether it’s fantasy, drama, or non-fiction you fancy, find your next favourite read at our local library hub.

Desi Point

After borrowing your books, head across the road to Desi Point for the weekly shop. Be greeted by the welcoming smiles of husband-and-wife team Uma and Bobby, a well-recognised duo in Aurora.

“Our main motive to open the store was to provide the best mixture of high-quality products at a reasonable price.”

Desi Point has a wide selection of Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, and Nepalese grocery products.

Pre-settlement night

Did you hear chatter and laughter drifting out of the Aurora Sales Centre? It could’ve been June’s pre-settlement night – an event where the team welcomed new residents, with friendly meet-and-greets, presentations from the development team, and a delicious spread from local café Brewer Sisters.

Get a bird's-eye view

Ever wondered what it’s like to fly over Aurora? A bird's-eye view video of the community unveiled a fantastic perspective of what’s already here, and what’s to come. You can see which areas have been mapped out for future homes, parks, and more. There is plenty to be excited about!

Group One Medical

In the heart of our community, you’ll find Group One Medical. Friendly and welcoming doctors are ready to treat sniffles, aches, and provide routine check-ups to your family.

Flu season is upon us! Dr Venu Prem Nair recommends covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough, thoroughly washing your hands, avoiding sharing cups and cutlery, staying at home if you feel unwell, and booking in at Group One Medical to get your seasonal flu shot, of course. A healthy community is a happy one!

What’s in store for July? Be sure to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in and around Aurora by following our Facebook page.